School's Out for the Summer! SAU Summer Office Hours: 
8:00am-3:00pm, 6/20 - 8/19

SAU#88/Lebanon School District
Student Services Department

     The Lebanon School District is in the process of reviewing and updating its Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual in advance of a New Hampshire Department of Education Visit during the 2016-2017 School Year. 
     The District is inviting any member of the community to review the Manual and provide feedback at the SAU#88 Office during a two week period from Friday July 22 - Friday August 5, 2016. Interested parties with any questions or to schedule a time, please contact: 
Mr. Timothy Koumrian, Director of Student Services 
 (603) 790-8500, Ext. 110 or at

New Student Registration
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00-3:00 or by appointment. To register your child you must bring:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Immunization records including current physical
3. 2 Proofs of Residency: copy of rental agreement or deed AND a utility bill, license, etc.
4. Copy of custody/parenting plan for separated/divorced parents.


Congratulations and Best Wishes from all of us at SAU #88

Jacqueline Clary               LHS        32

Judith Follensbee              HSS        16

Shirley Green                    MLS       24

Judy Jorgensen                 HSS        38

Mary Kelleher                  SAU        23

Rod Keller                         LHS       29

Bart MacNamee               LHS        20

Suzanne Martin                MLS      19

Sally Moodie                     MLS       8

Gina Moylan                     LHS       27

Dan Poisson                      LMS       14

Judi Simon-Bouton          MLS       16

Ann Smith                         MLS       32

Sheila Stone                       HSS       13

Kathleen Sullivan             LHS       29

Marilyn Walter                 LHS       14

  Michael Wynkoop            MLS       28          

  Nancy Tomlinson              MLS        15



Mission and Vision

The Lebanon School District, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing a challenging, positive and safe learning environment that CARES.

To read the entire Lebanon School District Mission and Vision Statement click here.
The connection among Lebanon School Board, Superintendent, Professional Learning, and School goals can be found here.

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One of the many ways we will keep in touch is through SchoolMessenger. You may receive messages by phone, email, or phone/email. It is very important that we have current contact information for you! Please contact your school directly if it is necessary to update your contact info.