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Dr. Steven Atkins will be hosting a parent informational night on the Lebanon Middle School's Bullying Prevention Program
Tuesday, September 27
, Lebanon Middle School Cafeteria at 6:30 pm

3 Year Old Preschool Program at HSS
4 slots available - 1st come, 1st served
CALL: Laurie Cloutier, Asst Principal


30 Years

Guy Patenaude

Joan Sirlin

Joseph Spinella

 25 Years

Carlos Cutler

Margaret Cassidy

 20 Years

Michael Schwarz

15 Years

Elaine Carl

Annette Hollatz

Gerald Mills

Timothy Perrault

Michele Daigle

Jessica Fraser

Dan Signor

Ginny Reinders

Pamela Lewis

Christopher Reed

Deb Groveman

William Robertson

David Vivian



Mission and Vision

The Lebanon School District, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing a challenging, positive and safe learning environment that CARES.

To read the entire Lebanon School District Mission and Vision Statement click here.
The connection among Lebanon School Board, Superintendent, Professional Learning, and School goals can be found here.

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One of the many ways we will keep in touch is through SchoolMessenger. You may receive messages by phone, email, or phone/email. It is very important that we have current contact information for you! Please contact your school directly if it is necessary to update your contact info.