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Lebanon Middle School Profile

   Lebanon Middle School    3 Moulton Ave., Lebanon, NH 03766, 448-3056 

Martha Langill, Principal  -   John D'Entremont, Assistant Principal 
Synthia Liska, Director of Student Services, Michael Haxton, Athletics & Co-Curricular

Grades  5-8     447 (Y15-16) students   

Mission Statement: The mission of the Lebanon Middle School community is to challenge and support all learners in a rigorous, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment. We strive to foster curiosity, respect, and citizenship while encouraging our students to explore individual aptitudes, interests, and talents. We are committed to life-long learning and global responsibility.

Lebanon Middle School has a traditional middle school philosophy for students in grade 5 through 8 from Lebanon, with students from Plainfield and Grantham joining our school in grade 7.

Grade 5 students remain in primarily in self-contained classes with a single teacher providing the majority of instruction. Grade six students change classes for each of the core subjects: reading, written language, math, science, and social studies. Grade six student are assigned to a homeroom for morning attendance and advisory activities. Students in grades seven and eight will be assigned to homerooms within three teams. Each team will consist of language arts, a science, a social studies, and a math teacher. Due to the number of Math courses, Math is cross-teamed. 

French and Spanish are offered as electives in grades seven and eighth for those who have demonstrated proficiency in reading as measured by the NECAP and other indicators. Other electives such as band and chorus are available to students in all grades.Special opportunities for learning include interscholastic athletics, Student Council, Destination Imagination, Art Club, Drama Club, Game Night, Gymnastics Show, music festivals, Solar Sprint (Grades 7/8), Math Team (Grades 7/8), Quiz Bowl, community service, visiting  artists, exhibitions, dances, and celebrations of learning. 

Grade reporting is done on a trimester system with trimesters being approximately 12 weeks long. Progress reports are sent home near the midpoint of the trimester, and report cards are mailed home after the close of the grading period. Conferences for all students are held at the close of the first two trimesters.