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Smart Commute

Results from past survey -
Those of us who carpooled, rode the bus, or used active transportation did so for the following reasons::
#1: save money – If you live 20 miles away and get 20 miles per gallon for 180 days current cost savings would be $1400
#2: help the environment
#3: get exercise

If you are interested in carpooling but don’t know someone who can carpool with you. We offer the following suggestions:
NH Residents: Register at The more people who sign up = the more chances to find someone who shares your commute. If you face an emergency and can’t carpool, ride the bus, bike or walk, you’ll be eligible for a guaranteed ride home.

VT Residents: Register at

If you are more comfortable remaining within the district there is a carpool spreadsheet (map) used only within our district. To register please visit this link (you will need a LebApps username and password) and register as soon as possible.

LHS, LMS, HSS and MLES will soon have a specific parking spots for Carpool Staff.

Interested in taking advantage of Advance Transit’s free bus service? Staff at the High School, Hanover Street School, Middle School and Mt. Lebanon School have direct access to Advance Transit or have a short walk to the nearest stop (under 10 minutes). Check out your options using Google: Or call Advance Transit at 802-295-1824 X 203.

For more information about your commuting options and to see how others in our area are getting to work, visit

For Bikers:

There will be a repair kit at each school with a pump, patches, wrenches, etc. for bike repair. Come Spring time and in the Fall each school has a bike rack for your use. Showers are available at LHS, LJHS, the New Middle School and HSS