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Complaint Procedure


If you have a complaint about our program or services, we want to hear about it and we will do our best to put it right.

Our Complaints Procedure has the following goals:

  • To deal with complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively;
  • To ensure that all complaints are handled in a consistent manner throughout;
  • To use complaints constructively in the planning and improvement of all services.

Complaint Procedure

·         SAU88 would like to sort out any complaint as soon as possible.

·         Many complaints can be resolved informally. In the first instance, contact the ELL or mainstream teacher and explain your concerns. If you feel your concerns have not been resolved, contact the building principal who will try to sort the matter out. If you are still not satisfied, you may contact the superintendent at the SAU.

·         If you make contact in person or by phone, make a note of the name of the person you speak to. If a solution is offered at this point, make a note of this as well.

·         If you are still not satisfied, you may pursue a formal complaint with the NH Dept of Education.